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My Continuing EIF
Posted:Jun 16, 2021 10:48 am
Last Updated:Jun 16, 2021 3:11 pm

EIF stands for Exercise In Futility. This is just a term I coined on my own, and in this case, it fits very well.

You see, since I arrived on Cape Cod in May of 20 my wife's been after me to find friends locally, instead of online from all over the place, to spend time with. and I've TRIED, HARD to do just that because being alone for long hours when she's working or socializing or whatever isn't my idea of fun.

I've tried Craigslist, local venues including one church that had better not have a name, etc., with no luck.

At work now, I've finally made a friend in a co-worker. Thank God.

When I stumbled onto this site (advertised extensively on my favorite porn venue) a month ago, I thought I might FINALLY connect with local people.

I have connected with good people from all over, and a few Cape Codders have reached out to me, but they never work out, it seems.

I've found Cape Codders, AND Summer People in general (not all of them, so don't get me wrong) to be very unpleasant toward Different Folk or people they consider beneath them socially. Unfortunately that seems to include ME.

I'm not bitching here. The friends I've made here are all aces, and I'm deeply thankful for them, all of them!

I just sometimes wish to hell I could find a LOCAL FWB or just plain friend someday without the restrictions I currently suffer with.

Life goes on.
Echoes From The Hole
Posted:Jun 15, 2021 8:06 am
Last Updated:Jun 15, 2021 2:18 pm
My day didn't start out well at all. . . .and the morning kinda went downhill from THERE.

Rain, fog, gusty winds all set the stage for a suck-event here.

My thing upon rising and heading downstairs is to a few people to wish them a nice day, start my day off on a positive note.

Well, recently I was 'asked' to invest $600 in a so-called friend's higher education, and, being a Nice Guy/Knight Errant, I told her I'd look into the possibility of taking out a personal loan, which she'd be responsible for paying. . .but NO this was going to be a gift on MY part! I then informed that erstwhile amiga there was no way I was going to pay that much for the higher education for a person who was, basically, just words on a screen with the very rare picture.

No word since, and contact attempts were rebuffed.

ANY 'friendship' you have to BUY isn't worthwhile, is it?

On the other hand, there's a Man close to my age, living a bit over an hour away by car, who chats with me constantly every day, gives me emotional/moral support, and whom I will be visiting this weekend.

He's not asked for a penny from me, but I'm bringing him a special gift which I know he can actually USE, when we spend Saturday together. I'm spending the night, and leaving for home early Sunday morning to beat the horrendous traffic heading onto Cape Cod this time of year.

If this works out the way we both HOPE it will, there will be a LOT of get togethers, to include my wife (she knows about him) sometimes as our relationship grows.

His name isn't important. He reads my blogs religiously, and will certainly recognize whom I'm talking about.

For the first time in my LIFE, I'm loving another Man!!!!!

Scary, but it's just Time.

We BOTH understand this, I fervently believe.

At work, we're NOT supposed to help our into or out of our vans, but most of we drivers do this because the staff and the houseparents of these people don't seem to want to do their jobs, most especially when the weather conditions aren't pristine.

Today, I was assisting one of my who has great difficulty getting into and out of my van, with the staff standing there watching, not fifty feet away. Apparently word of my hearing loss has gotten around at work because I heard a couple of them muttering that they thought I was a Nice Guy and I'd always do their work in addition to my own!

I heard every freaking WORD of this exchange, so, when D was safely unloaded, I slammed the doors, got into Buff (my van; I name everything!), and LOUDLY played Johnny Paycheck's anthem; 'TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT!' on my phone as I drove a short distance away to do paperwork, and park said vehicle before heading home. This song was accompanied by the One-Finger Salute directed right at those REMFs.

REMFs are 'Rear Echelon Mother Fuckers' a term from my seventeen years in the military I use to describe the staff at our center, along with anybody ELSE who stands there while the Workers do their tasks.

Anyway, the rain's stopped here, hopefully for the day, the sun's doing its level best to make an appearance, and life seems fairly decent again.

Bad days tend to work like that, IMHO.

And Life rolls ever onward!
Of Unstable Office Chairs.
Posted:Jun 14, 2021 1:45 pm
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2021 4:35 pm
The chair I sit on while typing these posts is one I got from Amazon not six months ago, rated at over three hundred pounds supported weight. I'm 285, and slowly losing weight as my diet improves while my activity level gradually increases, so I thought that this $85 office chair (assembly required, no biggie) would LAST.

For a long time it's been creaking and moaning rather loudly, especially when moved around the floor. My wife kept telling me to fix it, and I tried, but everything on it was still tight, so there wasn't a lot I could do about it.

Now the seat is tilting uncontrollably, so I went onto eBay, found a sturdy-looking office chair rated at over 400 pounds, and, using the last of my PayPal Credit line, put it on order. It's due in a week.

In the meantime, my ass feels like it's balancing on an exercise ball, and my legs are bracing against the floor, trying to prevent my being dumped out of said chair onto the very hard ground.

Not fun.


Life rolls on. . . .
Posted:Jun 12, 2021 6:08 am
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2021 10:15 am

We kinda got caught in unexpected showers last night at the movies, which intensified on the long, dark drive home, and are still happening as this is being written.

Both of the movies were pretty good. . . . .I didn't fall asleep for a second, but it was kind of strange seeing people walking around unmasked freely, and all the red cones removed from the vast lot . . . . .

was about 1:30 when we got home in the rain, and about 3:00 before I went bed, getting up for good about an hour ago.

seems my sleep requirements have DRASTICALLY declined in recent years.

I played my Morning Music already, gotten my Day-Starter texts written, touched base on Whatsup with my special friend, taken care of Turbo the cat ( has a distinct propensity for getting in our way!), and am doing my best line out the rest of my day.

I made another friend last night while at the movies, hope hear from her sometime this morning when she wakes up.

My physical yesterday afternoon at the Hyannis VA clinic went very well. I'm healthy save for a wee bit of elevated blood and a slightly elevated blood pressure, both of which are being addressed in the very near future.

Going FINALLY meet and serve my Master in person next Saturday! Yay, me!

Life moves forward, even on Soggy Saturday mornings. . . . .
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Of Godzilla and Sunny Fridays
Posted:Jun 11, 2021 6:40 am
Last Updated:Jun 11, 2021 11:15 pm
There's a drive-in movie theater near us (Wellfleet, about 40 minutes drive) that's been open since 1957, where my wife and I go during the summer for our weekend dates. It costs $ each for Seniors, which my wife and I ARE, and there's usually two movies showing. That's $24 for two movies, two people, about 4.5 hours of solid entertainment in the balmy (usually) Cape Cod summer evenings.

I was slated drive a bit visit a good friend I met here tomorrow morning, but when I looked at the drive-in schedule for tonight and tomorrow, I discovered the new Godzilla vs Kong movie showing. . . .GODZILLA, ON A BIG SCREEN, OMFG, HOW COULD I RESIST THAT?!

I LOVE Godzilla flicks. They're campy, the special effects have improved with time, and nobody gets ripped into pieces, just quietly eaten or squashed like bugs, while Tokyo takes a beating. . . .

I'm not a fan of gore. Yech!

Anyway, my friend here agreed that this was reason enough to postpone our meeting a week, so tonight, about 7pm, my beloved wife and I are loading her car with goodies (yes, you can bring your own food and sundries this establishment!), loading with caffeine drinks, and heading out US6 Wellfleet. We probably won't be home until about one in the morning, but, again, it's GODZILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Took the day off because of a physical at the VA right after lunch today, which was extremely fortun as it turned out.

Beautiful day shaping here in Paradise. The night, sans the inevitable bugs, should be extraordinary, and we're both looking forward our date night. Tickets were purchased in advance online, the car's ready, so it's almost time in just a few short hours.

In the meantime, there are Chores do, music , and people annoy the hell of online/off.

Fabulous Friday, and HERE COMES THE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Life rolls ever onward. . . .
The Sucker
Posted:Jun 9, 2021 1:36 am
Last Updated:Jun 9, 2021 7:58 am

Until two months ago, on another 'friends' site, I'd considered myself scam-proof. . .but that was then. Now I know better.

You see, I was approached by a woman from Banjul, Gambia, who sought to befriend me there, no strings attached. Against my better judgement I accepted. . . . .

Turned out she was, or claimed to be, a 34 year old single woman still living with her family in a cramped one bedroom hovel in a village outside that city, and could I please find a way to help her out; she'd be ever so grateful.

I have this rather overwhelming desire to come to the rescue of strays, so, without checking things out (my bad, I KNOW better!) I arranged to send her brother money (she didn't have an ID and couldn't accept it herself) for things like food, rent, phone minutes, etc.

I even agreed to put her through nursing school for two years.

The total hit was over $300 before I noticed several inconsistencies in her story; lots of little things just didn't add up to me, and I grew increasingly cynical.

The last straw was when she decided she needed her own place and found one in the city she expected ME to pay for, to the tune of another $100 monthly.

I was ready to do both that, along with seeking a short term loan to the tune of $500 for her first year of nursing school, until I got wise and told her that I needed contact information for both her landlord and the school there so I could send the money to THEM directly. She refused, coming up with a myriad of excuses as to why that wasn't a good idea and didn't I TRUST one who loved me more than life itself?


I then did some belated checking online, and discovered that the address she'd given me was general delivery in Banjul, neither landlord or school existed, and that her name was stolen from a prominent journalist in Banjul.

Bitch was immediately blocked, the app we'd chatted on removed from my phone, and a complaint filed on that website about her (story now drastically changed) profile there.

I am poorer, but much wiser now.

Bottom line is that from here on, if I want to help somebody, I'm going to do it through a reputable, LOCAL organization, and NOT via an online contact based on a constantly-changing sob story from some foreigner!

Life goes on. . .
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Of Love and Music In The Early Morning. . .
Posted:Jun 8, 2021 2:17 am
Last Updated:Jun 8, 2021 7:09 am
I sit on the edge of the bed in our dark bedroom as my wife slumbers beside me, wondering what the hell I'm doing up at such an ungodly hour, then pick up my phone, put my glasses on, stumble to the door, careful not to slam it as I almost trip on the cat waiting right in the hall, and gingerly make my way downstairs. . .

I tell the phone to play My Music ("Sunflower" by Glen Campbell, 'I Know You're Out There Somewhere; by The Moody Blues, 'I'm Still Standing' by Elton John, and 'Tubthumping' by Chumbawamba), pet the cat, and turn this Infernal Machine on for the morning.

Then I make my Inspirational Texts to favorite people (they know who they are), yawn and stretch for awhile as the music permeates my soul.

Soon the radio is activated to OCN104;7 with Dave Read.

If I'm lucky, I get to chat with Master for a bit before I head back upstairs for my morning shower/medication routine.

Downstairs again, dress, make my wife's tea, line out my morning, take the tea back upstairs to her office/spare bedroom, downstairs once more, goof off for a bit listening to the radio for just awhile before remote-starting Betsy Blue and departing.

This is how I begin my workdays.

Life goes on. . . .
Posted:Jun 7, 2021 2:03 am
Last Updated:Jun 16, 2021 4:52 pm

It got damned HOT yesterday here! Man!

My wife and I finally got the downstairs AC put into the kitchen window so we're not going to sit here sweating our faces off from here on.

Just in time to see the high temperature drop by nine degrees this morning.. .figures, doesn't it?

Master and I had a very lovely conversation last night, and I'm still glowing from what we talked about. . . . .

I love Him and He loves ME!


What a beautiful way to start a work-week!


Life goes ever onward!

Summer People, Washashores
Posted:Jun 6, 2021 12:25 pm
Last Updated:Jun 6, 2021 12:37 pm
It's time to move ahead here. No more whining about past hurts or whatever.

"I loved you yesterday, but yesterday's GONE!"--Old song lyrics.

Bright, HOT, humid day here in Happy Valley! Summer is here for sure!

Along, alas, with The Summer People, bringing their usual baggage of crowded roadways, horrendous prices in local shops (95% of my purchases are made online now), increased pollution, etc. The local fuzz say it's the HIgh Crime time of year, as well. Their ONE saving grace is that they tend to spend tons of money on useless bullshit, so we Locals pretend to welcome them with open arms, and curse them behind their backs.

Personally, I don't think anybody's a resident of The Cape if they don't live here year round, and I won't have anything to do with a Summer Person or a Snowbird if I can possibly help it socially. . .

After all, a Man MUST maintain his standards, mustn't he?


Life goes on, don'tchaknow!!!
Das Hunden
Posted:Jun 4, 2021 11:01 pm
Last Updated:Jun 16, 2021 4:52 pm
Look, I KNOW that these pretty young women who come here supposedly looking for a long-term relationship are scammers and fakes, as does just about anybody with at least a room-temperature IQ, but when Jane reached out , I just had have my fun. . .

I was really attracted her profile pic of a naked black woman with her bikini bottom down around her ankles, I do have to admit, although I KNOW pictures are mostly faked those profiles. . .

We exchanged Hangout addresses, later , chatted for over lovely weeks before the scheissenkinder showed her true colors by asking for money for first class plane tickets from her home in NYC mine in MA. . .

The bitch claimed be an RN at a large NY hospital, among other things.

One day I checked her area code; LA. Uh huh. Then she called and a lady with a deep foreign accent mumbled intelligible syllables for five minutes using a horrendous connection. Verizon, supposedly. . . .sure.

The call was dropped suddenly, never re-established.

I asked her video call, at which time I was informed that since her phone screen was cracked, she couldn't do it. OOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. She could text fine, send fake pictures, but not do video calls.......sure.

A lot of little things didn't add , and somehow I knew the day would come when I had undeniable proof that she was fake.

Last night, as described earlier here, it happened.

I didn't cuss her out, didn't even get mad; just said goodbye and blocked her ass from Hangout, and my phone's contact list.

Problem solved.

Easy, peasy!

Will I do it again? You betcha! For wonderful weeks, I strung some moronic scamming bitch along, made her think that my flowery words were sincere, as I quietly listened her lies, KNOWING they were bullshit. It was FUN, and honestly, I'm sorry it's ended.

Bottom line is, that, in spite of this experience and numerous others like it, I STILL believe there are good people here, well worth the effort of locating them.

I know this because I did find two; my Master, and Joy.

I'll locate others if I stick around, which I intend to DO.

Life goes on.
A Question of Perception
Posted:Jun 4, 2021 1:16 am
Last Updated:Jun 4, 2021 6:21 pm
Not long ago I finally got the nerve take a full nude, collared, picture of myself in the bathroom mirror and send it my new Master. I thought for sure He'd reject once He saw I am a chubby, hairy old man with a shriveled penis, but somehow He seemed find it sexy, instead.

This amazed then, still DOES!

And from what I've heard from other people, He's not alone in feeling that way, either.


Beauty, it seems IS in the eye of the beholder. . . .

I remember being lean, taut, with a large, often hard, cock when I was much younger, and some women found that alluring (very few), but NOW this chubby, hairy old man seems be more attractive than ever before.

What's happened?

Could it be that my perception is that badly askew, or do Other People have different standards of beauty/masculinity than I do?

The mind wobbles!

A week from tomorrow I make a bit of a drive to visit Master for the very first time in person. I will make damned sure to be spotlessly clean, well groomed, well-rested and ready to serve Him.

For the very first time I will disrobe in front oIt'sf Him, put HIs collar/leash onto my neck, and sink slowly to my knees at His feet, ready/supremely able to please Him any way His bitch can.

I've waited DECADES for this chance and don't intend to WASTE it!

Gonna be a LONG week,,indeedly doo. . .

Life goes on. . .
Posted:Jun 3, 2021 2:34 am
Last Updated:Jun 3, 2021 2:10 pm

From the start, I've been leery of guys who only post pictures of their dicks, and seem be quite desperate in their search for meaningless sexual encounters.

Quite honestly, I've never been impressed with those guys; when you've seen ONE penis, you've pretty much seen them . . .

Anywho, last night I reaffirmed the fact that I've FOUND the Man I intend give my body and heart when the time is right (soon!). He's been here a long time, we really click together, and have strong feelings for each other.

His name is unimportant, and I'm not going to post it here to avoid giving the lowlifes a target.

I love Him dearly. Not sure if he's got the exact same feelings for me, but in many ways that, too, doesn't matter.

Last night I also enjoyed role-playing with my beloved Princess. There, too, I seem to have found just what I'm looking for here.

How I got so damned LUCKY, I just don't know!

It's cloudy outside, and the forecast calls for a rainy couple of days, but in my HEART, where it counts, love reigns supreme, bringing abundant sunshine.

Life, as it is said, absolutely goes ever onward!
And the storm has passed. . . .
Posted:Jun 2, 2021 2:39 am
Last Updated:Jun 16, 2021 4:52 pm

When I first got here, it seemed everybody and their grandmother wanted a piece of me and it was hard to keep up.

Now that the lowlifes have found out that I won't be scammed, and the locals discovered I'm not into meaningless sex, however, the activity has dried up rather significantly.. . .

That's okay, because I have three good friends here, including a special guy I'm in contact with daily, and that makes it all worthwhile.

You see, a long, long time ago, in prehistoric days, I took the path less traveled, and that makes me Different.


It's been a good ride!

Life goes on.

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